Synergy News and Imaging & Therapy Practice

You can purchase one-off copies of the monthly journals for £7.90 each. They come in pairs but we cannot guarantee we will have both available. We usually have a limited number of copies from the last six months available. It is essential you call on 020 7740 7200 option 1 to check stock before ordering online.

If you require more than one copy whether it is multiple copies of the same monthly edition or copies of various monthly editions, increase the quantity in your order to match. Once we have confirmed what stock is available, please specify in the 'Notes' field on the following screen which monthly edition(s) and the quantity you would like e.g. "May, June and July - one of each" 



If you would like to set up an annual subscription, please purchase 12 items and state in the notes that you would like "an annual subscription starting in X month"



Please proceed as per the instructions in your renewal email.


Thank you.

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